Experienced Rubyist & DevOps Engineer



To find a position where I can utilize my 15+ years of DevOps, Ruby, and agile experience to create reliable code worth loving. I want to work in an environment where best practices and agile methodologies are an essential part of the development life cycle.


Principal Software Engineer at Synergist Computing

October 2014 – Present

Worked with a small team to manage, modify, deploy, and support dozens of mirrors, open source software tools, libraries, and resources for thousands of developers across more than 15 organizations. Supported deployments of GitLab and Redmine with over 10,000 monthly unique visitors. Helped improve the team’s delivery and accountability with agile software methodologies. Lead the team in automated provisioning of OpenStack and AWS infrastructure using Chef as well as automated deployments with Capistrano. Pushed the team to implement better test suites and CI as part of the development life-cycle. Helped simplify on-boarding of new developers with local VMs through re-use of production Chef cookbooks. Created multiple OSS tools to give back to the community.

Web Application Developer at SLK design

May 2008 – Present

Developed web applications that were consistent with W3C XHTML, HTML5, and CSS3 standards. Development with the following technologies: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Goliath, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Redis. Practiced Test-Driven Development with RSpec and RSpec 2 as well as Behavior Driven Development with Cucumber and Capybara. Developed custom Rails applications specific to client’s unique needs. Utilized jQuery JavaScript libraries. Setup and maintained multiple physical and cloud based Linux servers. Created several open source projects including OpenCampaign, RVM::FW (RVM for use in a LAN environment), and Flickr4Twitter. Implemented blog themes, Refinery CMS sites, e-commerce sites on the Shopify platform, and custom-built sites from scratch.

Senior Software Engineer at Fusion Technology

October 2012 – October 2014

Managed paperwork and legal requirements for approximately 970 gems and OSS Ruby projects. Implemented several automated tools to support managing and streamlining processes involved. Worked directly with customers utilizing Agile methodologies to identify epics, create user stories, provide velocities, and consistently deliver in weekly iterations. Utilized Behavior Driven Development with Cucumber, Spinach, and RSpec. Implemented automated server provisioning without sudo utilizing ansible. Setup automated deployment through Capistrano. Created Ruby on Rails applications, Ruby gems, and Ruby command-line interface tools as appropriate for projects. Created an internal “Rails Base App” with opinionated tools pre-selected. It included: authentication based on omniauth, test infrastructure (Cucumber, RSpec, SimpleCov, Brakeman), and authorization (CanCan & rolify) with Twitter Bootstrap pre-implemented.

Principal Software Engineer at US Contracting

February 2012 – October 2012

ScrumMaster and Agile mentor for a team of 5 people. Helped the team implement an Agile methodology that improved accountability and helped to release new features at the end of each weekly iteration. Improved our internal deployment process to utilize Capistrano & ensure automated recovery options in the event of a failed deploy. Paired with fellow developers to help implement new features using BDD & best practices as well as to solve bugs due to the project’s previous technical debt. Coordinated with management to help them understand how Agile methodologies can work into an enterprise environment effectively. End-to-end web application development with Ruby and the Ruby on Rails MVC framework for the back-end while the front-end utilized Twitter Bootstrap, Backbone.js, and jQuery/jQuery UI libraries.

Senior Software Engineer at Black Oak Technology Group

February 2009 – February 2012

Technical and team lead of 7 people. Acted as ScrumMaster, and mentor to other team members. End-to-end web application development with Ruby and the Ruby on Rails MVC framework for the back-end while the front-ends were built using the Blueprint CSS framework and jQuery JavaScript library. Several RESTful APIs were implemented using a Behavior-Driven Development and Test-Driven Development approach. Developed open source tools to assist with LAN environment needs, specifically RVM::FW. Applications were developed using best practices to include Capistrano, Bundler, RVM (in development and production), Passenger with REE / 1.9.2, unobtrusive JavaScript, and XHTML / HTML5. Several libraries & tools used included: Ruby, Rails (2 & 3), RVM, Passenger, Capistrano, MySQL, and Redis.

Senior Web Developer & Server Administrator at Mountain Leverage

August 2007 – April 2008

Acquisition, installation, and maintenance of physical web servers running Linux (including web clusters). Programming and scripting in Python, PHP, Plone/Zope, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, and advanced XHTML/CSS. Utilized open source software to create simple-to-maintain Content Management Systems and blogs for clients receiving more than 9 million page views per month with more than 5 million unique visitors per month. Created both cross-browser compatible desktop websites as well as mobile websites. Also implemented and maintained web servers utilizing Varnish in front of Apache as a caching mechanism.

Senior Web Developer / Applications Engineer at Altus Consulting Corporation

December 2006 – August 2007

Acquisition, installation, and maintenance of physical and virtual web servers running Linux operating systems. Programming and scripting in Python, Plone/Zope, PHP, ColdFusion, JSP, JavaScript, XML, and advanced XHTML / CSS 2. Utilized open source software to create an enterprise-level Content Management System (CMS) for more than 15 organizations and 1500 people. Managed and spearheaded the effort to import and get approval to utilize Plone as an open source Content Management System to save customers more than 2,500,000 dollars within the first 6 months. Designed and maintained Plone CMS, PHP (MediaWiki), ColdFusion, and RSS/XML applications and websites.

Senior Web Developer at Essex Corporation

September 2005 – December 2006

Web development for over 10 websites in a variety of programming languages. Development in PHP, Perl, Python, Plone/Zope, JavaScript, XML, advanced X/HTML with CSS2. Website design utilizing MySQL, and ZODB databases. Was also responsible for maintenance and upgrading of Solaris/Linux based servers. Played a pivotal role in utilizing Open Source Software to create a large-scale professional Content Management System for more than six organizations. Designed and maintained MediaWiki, MovableType, and RSS/XML applications and websites.

President at Progressive Web Design LLC

December 1998 – December 2006

Website development and implementation with X/HTML W3C compliant code. Programming and scripting in ColdFusion, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, and Java. Database experience with MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Access. Linux web server administration, security monitoring, and add-on maintenance. Small network installation and maintenance. UNIX, Linux, and Win32 based operating system installation and experience. Development using the following software:

  • Dreamweaver, Flash, ColdFusion, FrontPage, text editors
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks
  • Apache and IIS web servers
  • MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and MS Access databases

Web Developer at Cubic Defense Applications

October 2004 – August 2005

Web development for multiple organizations in a variety of programming languages. Development in PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, JavaScript, XML and advanced X/HTML. Development utilizing MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft Access databases. Dynamic content, customizable queries and self-administrated websites are key requirements that were implemented within each site.

ELINT Analyst & Web Developer at US Army

November 2001 – September 2004

Web development for office needs and support. Webmaster for Charlie Company, 741st MI Battalion and Alpha Company, 305th MI Battalion. Successful transition from JavaScript flat database files to Perl database utilizing web interfaces and CGI Perl Module. Programming and scripting utilizing Perl, PHP, XML, JavaScript, and advanced HTML. Trained other personnel in software implementation and usage. Data mining analysis and software improvement.



March 2017 to Present

Served as a member of the national Libertarian Party IT Committee.


OpenCampaign is an open source platform for use by political candidates at the local, state, and national levels.


Members: Steven Haddox

RVM::FW makes it possible to use RVM (or rbenv) inside a restrictive LAN or Firewall just like you do at home.

Ruby Gems

OSS Ruby gems created for the Ruby community such as cert_munger, dnc, and omniauth-dice.

Chef Cookbooks

OSS Chef cookbooks for GNU Stow and RVM::FW.


Members: Steven Haddox

Flickr4Twitter is a service for uploading images from Twitter clients to Flickr.com after you have authenticated with both services.

Frederick Riding Rails

December 2011 to December 2012

I organized and ran Frederick Riding Rails for Rubyists in the Frederick, MD area.

Skills & Expertise

  • Agile
  • Chef
  • Server administration
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Open Source Software


American Intercontintal University Online

Masters of Science, Information Technology, 2005

University of Maryland University College

Bachelor of Science, Legal Studies, Computer Studies, Internet Technologies, 2004

Anne Arundel Community College

Associate of Art, General Studies, Summa Cum Laude, 2003

Honors and Awards

  • Eagle Scout with Silver Palm; Gold and Silver Venture Scout Awards
  • Created one of Time Magazine’s “Top 50 Websites of 2008”
  • Suma Cum Laude, Anne Arundel Community College, 2003
  • Valedictorian, Hurricane High School, 2001
  • Distinguished Graduate, US Army Intelligence Center (ELINT Analyst)


“Steven Haddox is a compassionate, patient, kind, and very intelligent person to work with. I’ve definitely learned a great deal working with him, and have had a great time collaborating with him on numerous large scale application development efforts. His knowledge of the Ruby language is an invaluable asset, and his skills with regard to agile development and DevOps engineering is masterful.”

– Eric Sabelhaus, Software Engineer, Belay Technologies, was with another company when working with Steven at Synergist Computing

“Steven was a integral part of team building new functionality into production Ruby on Rails project that we worked on together. When he joined the project we had a Rails + Mongrel Cluster application. Steven migrated it to Passenger, introduced the team to RVM and Cucumber and built a standard Capistrano deployment mechanism that has saved the team literally hundreds of hours in the last year and half. Steven has very strong linux administration skills in addition to his Ruby and Ruby on Rails development skills. Steven has a true affinity for finding the technologies that reduce risk and add visibility into the project and I would recommend him for a senior development position; particularly in a team that would benefit, as ours did, from exposure to Ruby on Rails best practices.”

– Galen Palmer, Senior Software Engineer, Six3Systems, was with another company when working with Steven at Black Oak Technology Group

“Steven has great software development skills and is passionate about any project he takes on. He is an expert in Ruby on Rails and strives for agile, behavior/test driven development.”

– Larry Lay, Software Engineer, Black Oak Technology Group Inc, worked directly with Steven at Black Oak Technology Group

“I worked with Steven for a year and within that time frame he taught the team so much about RVM, Passenger, and the fringe details of Rails that only an incredibly experienced developer would know. Steven is not only passionate about Ruby, Rails, and all the great gems that are available, but he’s also passionate about best practices and doing things right from the start. Steven is also a very tenacious developer who doesn’t give up finding the right solution for a difficult problem, but also has no issues seeking help from fellow team mates. Any team that focuses their developmental technologies around Ruby, Rails, and open source libraries/gems will find Steven truly invaluable.”

– Jesus Jackson, Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton, worked directly with Steven at Black Oak Technology Group

“Steven Haddox brings a skillset, enthusiastic drive, and passion for Ruby that has been unmatched by any software engineer I have worked with. Steven lives and breathes Ruby, because of this, the projects he works on have fewer bugs, follow industries best practices, re-use code were ever possible, implement the latest technologies, and are of high quality and exceptional value for his clients. If your project needs a Ruby expert Steven is the guy.”

– Tony Alletag, PMP, IT Consultant / Project Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton, managed Steven at Black Oak Technology Group