These are projects created by Steven. You can see all my OSS code at:

Active Projects:


A Ruby gem to enable rack powered Ruby apps to authenticate via REST with an enterprise CAS authentication server via X509 client certificates.


A chef cookbook to install GNU stow via package management or source if a package is not available. It also provides the stow_package resource.


OpenCampaign is an open source platform for use by political candidates at the local, state, and national levels.


RVM::FW makes it possible to use RVM (or rbenv) inside a restrictive LAN or firewall just like you do at home.


A chef cookbook that installs common ruby packages and RVM via an RVM::FW server.


A Ruby gem that takes string input for X509 certificates and attempts to reformat them into a valid certificate.


A Ruby gem to convert multiple X509 DN strings into a consistent format.

In-Development Projects:

Retired Projects:


Flickr4Twitter is a service for uploading images from Twitter clients to after you have authenticated with both services.


A simple ruby gem to enable rack powered Ruby apps to authenticate via an internal casport server easily.

BluePrint Blog Templates

BluePrint Blog Templates was an attempt to create commonly used template formats for 2 & 3 column layouts using the Blueprint CSS Framework.


Presentor is a simple Sinatra app to clone your Showoff presentations, publish a static version, and provide main index to display them all


Setting Up and Provisioning Pragmatic OSS Ruby Technologies

SUPPORT is a CLI gem that enables simple Capistrano enabled Berkshelf Chef cookbook deploys by packaging the source code to common OSS Ruby and Agile management projects and providing cookbooks that install those projects & packages from source (without sudo privileges when possible). SUPPORT is only possible because of the amazing OSS tools that power it.


Gem Grepper is a CLI gem that pulls down metadata about gems from multiple sources and allows you to create a data dump about the data in multiple formats.