Today I’m going to keep this simple, the majority of us (33+%) are sick of the two party system. It’s time to change that. If you, yes you, would get off your pity party, lesser-evil-voting, “I’m not going to let the other guy win” high horse and actually vote for whichever candidate best represents you we would have a three or even four party political system already.

NOW is the time to stand up for what you believe in and vote that it be represented in our political system. Republicans broke their promises under Bush, Democrats did the same under Obama. Vote what your heart tells you is right and go home with a clean conscious.

For me this person is the Libertarian candidate Governor Gary Johnson. For you it may well be someone else. Take a few minutes to easily find out on I Side With and cast your vote accordingly. dont keep wasting your vote on a two-party system that wont fix anything.

Remember, remember the 5th of November! Now get off your butt and vote with your heart already. #FTW!