I’m often asked what I think are the best resources for learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I’ve answered this somewhat before with my Ruby/Rails Reading List. I have countless online resources I use, but I often try to filter those into my Ruby fanboy blog I run Fuck Yeah Ruby. For beginners though I am a bit old school and feel that the best thing you can do is limit your resources to some specific options that are less distracting that the Internet. For those who are looking to learn Ruby or learn Ruby on Rails, I really enjoy the following resources.

Also, as a beginner, it is absolutely critical that you learn how to test every bit as well as you learn to code! This is one of the things I most love about the Ruby community, testing is absolutely expected of your code! Do not think you are special, exceptional, or insignificant enough that the rules don’t apply to you. We all run into each other’s code eventually and it is absolutely essential to learn how to test properly!

If you have your own opinions or suggestions (and I know all Rubyists do), feel free to share them in the comments below.



Books for Newbs:

Testing Books:

Intermediate Books: