Once upon a time, I came across a tweet that recommended supporting a KickStarter project called Glyphish. His goal seemed more than reasonable, a mere $500 in backing requested, and he’d create over a hundred beautiful and unique iPhone application icons for use in your own apps!

Glyphish Original Set Preview Glyphish Original Set Being Designed

What started as an amazing project has only grown into something even more epic. Joseph has been supporting Glyphish relentessly since his first project in mid-2009. Now Glyphish has an overwhelming 400 icons for the same low initial price of only $25.00! The great thing is, Joseph created the larger set of icons as another KickStarter project, even though he could have easily have marketed himself by then. I love when fellow developers and designers stick to their roots.

Glyphish Pro Set Preview Glyphish Pro Social & State Icons

I know this might read a little bit like an ad, but it’s probably because I have always been infatuated with these icons. I’ve been trying to get off my butt to make an iPhone application ever since iPhones were first jailbroken just so I could have an excuse to use Glyphish icons. I’ve been a completely lazy developer and haven’t gotten around to completing my goals, but I’ve still never regretted supporting this project from the beginning. The amount of effort that goes into these icons is visible from the time you first see them, and Joseph has never disappointed in adding even more icons with the same level of quality for about three years now. Now that I’m finally getting around to playing with creating some basic iOS applications, I’m glad I have these in my library to use anywhere I see fit!

If you don’t want to be stuck creating your own icons, struggling to convert open source icons, or paying a fortune for icons to use in your applictions (be it a web application, iOS application, or probably even Android/Blackberry/Windows app) you should pick up a set from Glyphish. This is just a no brainer for me as I honestly think I would’ve paid over $100 per set with the quality and uniqueness that Glyphish provides. As testament to that you can look at the list of companies who use Glyphish icons in their own applications:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • 37signals
  • Facebook
  • WordPress

Thanks Joseph for being a designer with a keen eye and well below-reasonable prices. Keep up the amazing work!

One Last Thing!

The original set that I loved so much, is available for free these days. You’ll see it right in the left-hand column as “Glyphish Free” for your use! That’s right, you can even try out Joseph’s amazing work without having to pay. I can assure you, that once you do, you’ll be wishing you could give hime more than he’s asking for as he’s earned every penny!

Be sure to visit Glyphish’s Site to pick up these amazing icons ASAP!