So I’ve finally gotten around to taking an interest in my blog again. I’ve been working on a logo with a designer (who’s been insanely busy) for over half a year now, but finally decided to move forward with my blog since I have a little free time. To start this transition I began by deciding that, although I love Jekyll, I need something with a little less maintenance and a little more out of the box. Say hello to, @octopress!

I’ve been wanting to migrate to Octopress for probably half a year as well, but just haven’t made the time for it. The migration has been really painless so far. The only major effort will be modifying all my old HTML WordPress posts into Markdown syntax (there has to be an automated way to do this somehow right?!) Octopress provides some awesome defaults though that I’ve been wanting to integrate or had partially integrated into my own Jekyll implementation for a while such as:

  • Semantic HTML5 theme
  • Mobile themes
  • Sidebar partials
  • Fluid layout
  • Categories
  • Archive views
  • Theming

A new competitor has recently shown up, Jekyll Bootstrap, but after looking at it for a bit I still felt like Octopress was the right choice for me! However, if you’re looking to migrate to a Jekyll type blog then I’d encourage you to look at both options to figure out which one fits your needs and styles best!

Happy hacking!