So… I think that Katie loves me. This past summer she made me an embroidered note expressing her love for me. Throughout the past three years she has always done randomly cute things and been insanely supportive of me. She’s been willing to move out east and leave her family in Arizona to help us work towards saving up to buy a house, and many other countless things I won’t list to save on time.

So... I think I love you

The one thing I will bother to list is that she gets to show me just how much she loves me for the next little while before life gets back to normal. For you see Katie is:


This means that for the next 9+ months she’ll need to remember just how much she loves me to off-set her remembering that I caused the morning sickness, food cravings, insanely heightened sense of smell (like seriously – super hero levels!), and random crying (Katie just doesn’t cry except when she’s pregnant).

We didn’t exactly expect it to happen in our first month of trying, so it kind of appears that Paisley is going to have a little brother or sister with a birthday almost the same time as hers (my iPhone apps predict a due date of 24 Sep. 2010 and Paisley’s birthdate was 25 Sep. 2007). Yay for close siblings!