Katie left for Springfield, MO yesterday to go visit her friends at Red Velvet Art. I hope she comes back with lots of pictures!!! She ended up traveling on my favorite kind of planes (the small ones!):
4 Dec 2009

Here’s a snapshot from FlightTrack when she was flying to her connection in Ohio:
4 Dec 2009

Paisley didn’t cry the whole way home from the airport like she did when I left, but I think it helped that we walked Katie to security and had a chance to go back and forth a lot of times on the walking escalators (for lack of knowing what to actually call them). Distractions are a life saver with kids I swear. It has helped a lot this trip that Paisley already knows that “on a plane” means we’ll be back eventually. I’m sure Katie went through much more difficulty with Paisley than I did – so far she’s been pretty much normal for me (phew).

After dropping Katie off at the airport I started working on my weekend project: cleaning the house as much as possible. Unfortunately I was only able to get a few projects in before my body just shut down. Pretty sure I’ve got a little flu/cold going on this weekend :(

I was able to take Paisley out for dinner last night. We went to Hana Japanese Cuisine (one of my favorite local sushi shops). Paisley ate almost all of her miso soup (I was SO proud of her!):
Eating miso soup with @paisleyjane. She took my Japanese marble drink ransom so she's very happy.

And I devoured my sushi (as well as my seafood fried rice):
I love Hana Japanese! Their food is always amazing!

I woke up insanely exhausted and pretty much done nothing all day today. It took all my energy just to get outside so Paisley could play in the snow for her first time (and I’ll have you know that I love snow – my Burton tattoo on my foot serves as proof). I don’t even think I’d go snowboarding today if I had the opportunity to go for free – I just feel crappy :(

On that note, to keep this short so I can put P down for a nap and probably take one myself, here’s the pictures from Paisley’s first time in the snow :)

Paisley must be a snow angel

Paisley playing with snow for the first time

Paisley reaching for the snow

Paisley in the snow

And just some photos from throughout the day:

The morning of Dec 5, 2009

An hour into snow on Dec 5, 2009

From Outside Paisley's Window

And a few special ones Paisley and I did just for Katie cause we miss her:

We miss you Katie!

We miss you Katie!