So October is breast cancer awareness month. Last year I modified my old blog theme to go Pink for October, and this year I’ve now done the same. One of the people I follow on Twitter and in web technologies, the creator of Habari, Chris J. Davis made his blog Pink for October last year (and apparently has done the same again this year). It was because of him that I was inspired to change my blog to a pink theme. Thanks Chris.

This year I have changed my blog again (obviously). However, with a custom made WordPress theme and my own CSS styling it was only a matter of changing two lines of code to get it to a point that I felt good about instead of hacking a pre-made and poorly coded theme that took me several hours last year.

Please be aware of the risks that breast cancer poses and do what you can to help out in whatever way. Katie and I were buying a new vacuum last year and knew we were going to get a Dyson, so instead of just getting any Dyson we bought the pink one that contributed a good portion of it’s profit to support breast cancer research. It isn’t much but every little bit helps (as opposed to our political situation where just about nothing short of a revolution will help it seems).