So Katie and I watched Gossip girl tonight (we missed it last night). In one scene I realized that my hair is slowly starting to resemble Nate’s due to the length and how unkempt it is.

Afterwards I was talking with Katie when I said (mostly jokingly) that I should grow my hair out like Nate’s. She replied, “I think it’d be weird to see you with long hair. And it’d be weird if you didn’t have the same haircut as your boss.” I managed to keep a straight face as I said:

I don’t think so. It would be like Jenny and her design lady… Elanor. He would hear me say, “Faux Hawks are so nineties” and then he’d fire me and we’d get stuck in a black out together. After a few hours of talking about hair styles and code he’d see that my way was right and grow out his hair like mine.

I know that probably won’t make sense to anyone else, but it was funny enough that I had to blog it so as not to forget it many years from now. Hmm…. I should probably note which episode that was so I can watch it again some many years from now and actually remember what I’m referencing. Oh well… too lazy.