But I think I like the Democrats more than the Republicans right now. Even though they both fail miserably in my eyes. Why is it SO hard to recognize that we, as human beings, have certain inalienable rights? Why is it SO easy for politicians to think it is okay to violate those rights for “security” and “information?” WHY don’t WE as CITIZENS and PEOPLE understand what is being lost?

If you haven’t heard yet, the revised FISA bill just passed in the Senate (69-28 currently) and is headed to President Bush’s desk where it will be signed into law and grant immunity to all the telecommunication companies who illegally spied on us as citizens. It also makes it about as simple as possible for the government to spy on its OWN citizens without a warrant. I hope you enjoyed what little privacy you had before, because it’s gone now.

Here are a few links to an article about the FISA vote as well as the votes themselves: FISA Fight: Attack Of The Epic Failure, Senate Votes, Most Recent Senate Bills & Votes, and the ACLU pretty much sums this one up.

I suppose it’s too much to ask everyone to start encrypting their e-mails they send to me? Not that it matters much anyway… :(