I’ve just written to my senators, telling them to oppose granting immunity for lawbreaking phone companies. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has all the details. You really should contact them too. This is not an issue we can just let slip by. If we do we will begin the slippery slope to ignoring all essential rights within the Bill of Rights and our nation will be one thread less as it hangs from its line of floss already.

Please take action on this within the next day. The vote is left in the hands of the Senate now as the House has already approved the bill. We all know that President Bush doesn’t respect the rights of privacy that our citizen’s are entitled to and there is no chance of a veto as a result. If we can’t get 41 senators to vote no then we can kiss a large portion of our 4th amendment rights good-bye.

President Bush wants to let the telecomm companies off the hook for violating the rights of United States citizen’s by not punishing them or allowing them to be taken to court for turning over records, phone calls, etc. that were not required by a warrant. Such blatant infringements on the rights protected by the Bill of Rights has not happened in a very long time. There is no “gray” line here. It is simple black and white. Do NOT allow this to sit idly in your mind. If you value your rights contact your senators NOW!

Sincerely, your brother in alarm,

Steven Haddox