As I woke up yesterday morning I was greeted to a loving wife who looked at me and said, “I’ll get her, you sleep in. It’s Father’s Day.” I had completely forgotten the occasion and was too tired (as I always am) to argue. I gratefully rolled over and slept for another few hours while Katie took care of Paisley and let me sleep.

Katie made me a beautiful Father’s Day card from Paisley that was adorable. I never could decide what I wanted for Father’s Day (seeing how the iPhone 3G doesn’t come out until July 11th). As a result I finally just asked Katie if we can get a dashboard base for our GPS so it doesn’t keep attacking her when it decides to fall off of the windshield when we accelerate from a stop-light. It’s definitely something I’ve been wanting for a while and it will be nice to get that annoyance done with :)

Otherwise, Katie watched a movie while Paisley napped and I was able to work on one of my side-projects that I’ve been unable to get to in entirely too long. I made some good progress and got the basic theming taken care of (I still have to implement some AJAX goodness but nothing new there). The site is getting much closer and with a few Rails plugins (RESTful Authentication, and a WYSIWYG editor) it should be good to go. After that I an tackle one of my many other side-projects….

We went over to Katie’s family’s house for Sunday dinner and had some really good enchiladas (beef and chicken). There was also some great dessert (lots of fruits, apple crisp, and some pie).

When we got home I started a second load of dishes as I’ve procrastinated them for too long. Katie told me that she felt bad having me do dishes on Father’s Day and I told her that I enjoyed doing the dishes on Father’s Day as it is part of what being a father is all about. Once they were completed I felt like I finally had the first productive weekend I’ve had in a while around the house. My chores are mostly taken care of and I’m slowly getting caught up on my huge list of to-dos for paperwork related issues. It’s not to be enjoyed for too long though. Later this month we need to start the packing process to get ourselves ready for another move in September.

So, to all the dad’s out there who I may not have said it to in person, “Happy Father’s Day.”