Katie has spent a lot of time teaching Paisley what “loves” (or “luvs” as I think of them due to some diaper company marketing I’m sure) are over the past several months. “Luvs” are when we kiss Paisley on the cheek and then she returns the favor by leaning towards our cheek with a wide-open mouth so as to distribute as much slobber as possible amongst maximum surface-area on our face.

Paisley routinely gives Katie luvs several times throughout most days (and generally multiple times in a row). She also gives luvs to pretty much any female-related family member on Sunday (two aunts, a grammy, and possibly grandma as well). Even papa (Katie’s dad) gets luvs more than I do some weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, Paisley has given me luvs every now and again as well. Maybe once every week or two I’ll get a couple of kisses or an intentional hug. However, tonight all that changed. Tonight after we had finished Paisley’s routine of feeding her, then bathing her, then letting her nurse she acted like she wanted to be held by daddy a few minutes. So as I picked her up and started to hold her she came towards my cheek with a big open mouth. Not her normal size mouth either, it was full-on daddy cheek drenchage as she gave me at least 15 luvs in a matter of 3 minutes or so. I couldn’t believe it. Katie got quite a few as well, but nowhere nearly as many as she gave me. It had me in tears within one or two minutes once I got over the surprise. My little girl finally gave me a lotta luv!

Anyway, that’s enough mushy stuff for one blog entry ;) Back to helping around the house and reading for me.