Here’s a list of Mac Applications I use frequently (for the most part), and the ones I use less frequently are ones that I’ve found fit my target niche or some need perfectly:

  • Graphic design apps: Pixelmator, VectorDesigner, Photoshop, Digital Color Meter (available by default in utilities, few know of it)
  • Web development apps: TextMate, iTerm, Dreamweaver, CSSEdit, MAMP, CocoaMySQL, svnX, FileMerge
  • Web browsers: Fluid (Site Specific Browser), Firefox (2 & 3b), Opera, Flock, iPhoney, Camino
  • Media apps: Delicious Library (w/ Bluetooth ROV scanner!), Miro (amazing media app + torrent downloader for getting all your favorite shows), VLC (open source media player for files QT doesn’t like),
  • Final Cut Express, iMovie, Joost Collaboration apps: Adium (multi-service IM client that kicks butt), Colloquy (IRC the Mac way), Skype
  • Office/Life apps: Mailplane (Mac interface for Gmail accounts – very nice app), Cha-ching (Finance program), CombinePDFs, Transmission (Torrent client)
  • Virtual Machine / VNC / Network apps: Screen Sharing (advanced features & tweaking), Parallels, VMWare Fusion, Network utility
  • Backup apps: TimeMachine (over wifi, or locally), JungleDisk (for Amazon S3 file backups), SuperDuper!, Mac the Ripper (DVD backups), Popcorn (DVD authoring and compression), SugarSync Manager (multiple-system syncing), Mozy (online file backups)
  • Podcast/Videocast apps: iShowU (screen & audio capturing tool), KeyCastr (key stroke displayer), GarageBand for podcasting

  • Applications that live in my menu bar: Spaces, Twitterific, MenuMeters, GeekTools, Isolator, MacFusion, iScrobbler, Nocturne, Google Notifier

Perhaps someday I’ll get around to reviewing all of these, but odds are strongly against it. Look for reviews on the absolute must-haves sometime in the future though :)