For those of you who may have somehow not know, I was told I was being let go last week, so I’ve obviously been putting my resume out as much as possible since my last day of “vacation” from my current job runs out tomorrow as far as I know (nobody has bothered to e-mail me back as to how many actual hours I had or how many hours I was paid for last week…. talk about a failure of communication even after multiple e-mail requests). That’s a long story for another time though (I’m sure I’ll blog more about my job loss AFTER I have secured a new job…heh).

Anyway, I’ve probably submitted my resume to about 12+ jobs on Dice & Monster in the area that seem like decent to really good fits, but I’ve found that there’s even better opportunities and more relevant positions actually available on I’d estimate that I’ve sent my resume to more than 18 positions via craigslist (woot for free local online ads).


So, the result of all this resume and e-mailing of myself is obviously that I want to put my best foot forward. I’ve finished the redesign of my blog that I was in the middle of in my spare time (probably didn’t take more than four days of work for all the features on my blog). I’ve also created my online portfolio (included in that four days of work statement). The only thing really on my to-do list is a simple contact form and getting my resume implemented in some cool WordPress unique way. Along with sending out all the copies of my resume I made sure to include a link to my portfolio. As you can see from the screenshots, my blog has nearly doubled in traffic since I started sending out my resume. And according to the benchmarks I’ve got a nice 541% increase in views and a 309% increase in actual visits with about 3.5 pages being looked at on each visit. Of all those nice visits, 73% of them seem to be new. Anyway, not sure if anyone else will care about any of this, but I always get excited about statistics (especially when they relate to something of mine going up). I haven’t gone over 400 pageviews a month since I turned off tracking of my own IP address so I’m getting close to double that at the current rate if it keeps it up.