Okay, I’ve printed this code off from an intranet environment nearly two years ago now. I’ve tried retyping it once or twice and never quite gotten it working right. I’ve lost those files but still have the originals. I’ve noticed the Plone Calendaring Sprint coming up in Boston that I can’t attend due to fundage and not being able to have work off; however, I still want to contribute the work that Larry Lay and I put into Plone recurring events years ago. The code took a lot of thought as far as recurrence, and although we didn’t need to worry about iCal support due to intranet restrictions or things of that nature it supports all the basic functionality in some pretty simple code and a lot of the code should be reusable. Hopefully it can help minimize some of the efforts with recurrence for the new Plone4Artists efforts.

Anyway, here I present, to anyone who has more free time and motivation than me, the status quo of EventRecur 2.0 for Plone 2.5. I have no clue how much work this would take to work with Plone 3 (sorry). However, within Plone 2.5 it extends the existing Event content type to add on additional fields and make recurrence happen through a single object rather than replicating tons of event types throughout the date range provided.

There are no screenshots just 25 pages of code and notes. Good luck to all in their efforts. This is something that Plone has needed for a long time.

Download: EventRecur 2.0 for Plone 2.5