A relative of mine posted this and thought all of her family had already done it, so I suppose I can’t let her down eh? Here goes nothing.

10 years ago I… was a freshman at Hurricane Middle School and I listened primarily to Backstreet Boys. I was uber geeky, spiritual, and the overall goody-goody. Life consisted of homework, wishing I wasn’t harassed so much at school, and my family. Man I wish life was still that easy today.

5 things on my to-do list:

  • Finish my current website project for work by tomorrow morning (woot for all-nighters)
  • Finish my personal website projects (insert huge list here of hobby sites that rarely get touched)
  • File paperwork with moving company for claims (yeah, that was 7 months ago, I have 9 to file thank goodness)
  • Call the student loan company to have payments applied to the right account
  • Finish cleaning my parts of the house

If I were suddenly a billionaire… I would pay off my ex to leave me and my family alone for forever, then I would pay off all my insanely bad debts (credit, student loans, etc), and then I’d buy Katie a beautiful Victorian or modern house somewhere in Oregon probably. I’d purchase my own snowboard resort and let others use it on weekends to fund it (I’d keep it for family and friends for week-day use only). I’d also donate a lot of money to those who are in worse situations than me and probably do so through the LDS church’s funds. I’d help out any family I could in every way possible. Money sucks and I wish that it meant less in this world as it truly is the least important thing in life. I’d buy Katie her own scrapbook store and make it the best in the state as far as facilities and size went so she could be better than her dream store in Texas. I’d open my own website company targeting upper-class and I wouldn’t offer a website for less than $10,000. I’d only take jobs I thought were fun, challenging, and worthwhile. Wouldn’t that be the life?

3 bad habits I have:

  • Waking up (or rather, lack of waking up)
  • Procrastination of personal matters
  • Sticking to my budget

5 places I have lived:

  • Southeast (Savannah, Georgia; Pensacola, Florida; Fort Jackson, SC)
  • Utah (Salt Lake City, St. George, Hurricane)
  • Maryland (Fort Meade, Glen Burnie)
  • Virginia (Herndon)
  • Arizona (Fort Huachuca, Queen Creek)

5 jobs I have had.:

  • Retail (“stocker” for Keebler via my dad, Coca-Cola/Busch Beer, and Graft’s Mercantile)
  • “Tinner” (I dipped electrical wiring pieces in hot tin to burn off the excess insulation)
  • Electronic Intelligence Analyst (yeah, I worked for the NSA when I was in the Army – that’s the only cool thing about it – the fact that I can say I worked there – it sucked).
  • Web Developer (for five different companies already)
  • Self-owned side business for a few years (web development again)

5 things people don’t know about me:

  • I am divorced
  • I was excommunicated from the LDS church in November 2006 (this is currently being rectified)
  • I have never been happier in my life than I am now
  • I am completely broke and in debt way above my head (doing all I can to rectify this one too)
  • I have tattoos
  • (and an extra) I used to be a sexual addict to pornography and chatting – that all changed thanks to Katie entering my life.

I’ll be tagging a few of you via e-mail so feel free to just do it ahead of time and save me the e-mail ;)