About a week ago we went to go and get Katie some contacts and while we were there all the women in the optical shop were swooning over Paisley (as usual). One of them had a grandson that had started in the modeling / advertising industry when he was about 8 months old. She said that he made more than 10k in his first year and that Paisley should definitely be on every box of Huggies. The lady told us the name of the agency her grandson had used was Elizabeth Savage Talent Agency.

We’ve always thought Paisley was cute enough to be in advertising, print, media, etc. The only reason we really haven’t looked into it before now was primarily because we had no clue which agencies were legitimate and which were not. Apparently Elizabeth Savage Talent Agency has been around for 19 years and is the biggest agency for actors and models in all of Arizona. We set up an appointment with them and went and saw them today.


The lady (whom I will leave unnamed for now) who greeted us was instantly taken by Paisley and talked to her the entire way through the matrix that was ESTA. When we finally reached the far corner of the third floor she had us take a seat in her office where she continued to sing praise to Paisley about how cute, adorable, cherub-like, and mild-mannered she was. We weren’t there for more than 30 minutes, but within that 30 minutes I think that our agent gave us more praise about Paisley than we get in a single trip to Target (and that is a lot of compliments).

Anyway, as we were sitting there and Katie was filling out paperwork she started to explain how commissions worked and what general pay ranges are for each type of job. Basically for print advertisement Paisley will make between $50-$500 / hour. For commercials and media jobs Paisley can make anywhere from a minimum I can’t recall off hand up to $5000 an hour. If Paisley is selected for a nation advertisement / commercial campaign she can make around $100,000 from a single job. Talk about college tuition ;)

The agent was so enthralled with Paisley though that she forgot to actual extend to us an invitation to be represented by ESTA (soon to be AAM, Arizona Actors & Models, Inc). Of course when we discovered they only take 10-20% commission and they submit Paisley to every job that she is eligible for that was an easy choice. And so now, our little baby girl, has officially become represented by the largest talent agency in the state of Arizona.

Go make some trust fund money Paisley!