Somedays you feel like you get nothing done no matter how hard you try. I’ve had way too many of those lately. Today was “one of those days” – in a good way.

Things I accomplished today (with help of the extended family while helping them on their projects as well):

  • Weeded the entire lot (again)
  • Cleared the house of pigeon residents
  • Changed all the burned out light bulbs throughout the vaulted ceilings
  • Helped paint several walls at a condo in Mesa
  • Found several great deals at the Scrapbooks, Etc. store in Mesa
  • Removed a stupid ad ware / spy ware piece of garbage from extended family’s computer (I hate Windows) while they changed my oil and filter ;)
  • Woke up at 8 am on a Saturday, which is probably why I’m so exhausted at 7:45 pm

Anyway, I’ll try to blog about more important things some other time, but I did want to get this down so when I’m having “one of those days” in a bad way I can remember there are some days when so much more gets done than one could ever anticipate.