Katie just made the cutest and most adorable drawing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The symbolism in this piece of 4”x 5.75” artwork is absolutely amazing. But first the art itself:

As to the symbolism, keep reading to find out about it all.

The clouds can be seen as being symbolic of “Such Great Heights”, having to fly frequently to see Katie while we were dating, and because we inspire each other to return to our Father in Heaven.

The bird is a representation of Katie. She has always thought that if she were to come to this world as some kind of animal it would be a sparrow so it is only fitting that she use such a small bird to represent herself.

The lines from the bird to the envelope represent all the online communication Katie had with me while we were getting to know each other and dating.

The speech bubble with a heart and a line through it is Katie telling me she loves me. The heart with a zig zag inside it has always been Katie’s unique way of drawing hearts.

The tags around my name are because I am a web developer and therefore I live inside < and > tags for nearly everything I do.

The UFO’s and stars represent the fact that, “I’m out of this world.” (Yes, my corniness has rubbed off strongly on Katie – poor girl).

The pink throughout the artwork is simply because pink has always been one of Katie’s favorite colors.

The scissors and dashed lines you ask? Well, some things have to be there with no explainable reason otherwise it wouldn’t be abstract now would it? Perhaps, as an afterthought, they could be a strong representation of all the things that we both had to cut out of our lives in order to make it possible to return to our Father in Heaven. Appropriate given that we are meeting with the Bishop tomorrow night to begin the process of returning back to church as full-fledged members.

Thanks babydoll for making such an amazing piece of art that will help inspire me for all of eternity!