Today was my surgery for my ureter where the doctor went into my ureter and sliced open the cyst that was there (thus making my entrance from my kidney to my ureter much larger than the average person’s). My kidney-ureter connection is now 8/9 millimeters to the average 3 millimeters for yours :) Why is this important? It drastically increases my chances of having a kidney infection should urine decide to start disobeying gravity and going the other way.

Anyway, in addition to slicing open the cyst they where also able to retrieve the three kidney stones that were still lurking around as well as replacing my stint. After all was said and done I entered surgery around 8 am and 90 minutes later I was awake again and feeling pretty much the same as before but knowing I was a lot better on the inside.

On my next appointment I should finally get my stint removed for good and be as good as new!

I’d also like to thank my father-in-law for the blessing he gave me last night as well as my mother-in-law for helping out with Paisley and Katie during the surgery and being with us.