That would be this last episode that aired a week ago entitled, “The Constant.” Then again it has to do with lots of math, time travel (well consciousness travel), and an amazing love story. So what’s not perfect in that for me.

In fact, this episode was SO perfect I’ll have to give it the best rating I can think of for a LOST episode out of a scale of five:


You may as well round it up to a solid 5 eh?

I don’t think it is possible for me to like any episode better than this (famous last words – oh PLEASE prove me wrong LOST!)

Anyway, I definitely admit to crying at the end. I also am going public with my first LOST prediction that I think this will definitely be a keystone to the LOST story and that this will be seen as a clear turning point for the series. I think a lot of answer for future episodes will stem from this episode and I think that this episode has provided a ton of answers looking back.

Now if we can just find out about how Penny knew where to be looking with her teams / the connection with the team in the antarctic….