Katie is a true geek. She doesn’t like to admit it, and she hasn’t fully adopted the habits of geekdom (note, she still gets ready before she goes out and she loves cute clothes). But she is a geek. And I love her for it.

A few Sundays ago at family dinner Katie gave me a tootsie roll. 99% of the population probably has no clue what the acronym on the wrapper of the tootsie roll meant, but Katie did. And not only did she know what it meant, but she gave it to me because I am her geek. I thought it was adorable and it truly did make my “digits exponential” as I like to say (just as an FYI, that can mean anything, e.g.: my heart jump with joy).

Anyway, here’s a low resolution photo of the tootsie roll before I embraced my inner geek and ate the joyous substance called candy in order to sustain my geeky figure ;)


Ironically, I made a comment on a family member’s blog tonight about the joys of WYSIWYG editors and how it inspired me to manage my own blog forever ago because I couldn’t handle Blogger’s WYSIWYG interface ;)