I don’t even know where to begin besides quickly hoping that my job as a web developer will be considerably easier in another 2 to 5 years (once everyone finally gets around to upgrading). Of course this depends upon what Microsoft considers “Super Standards.” For all we know they could still be in “standards mode” but still mess up spacing in padding and margins enough that we’ll still be coding hacks for IE8 just as much as we did for IE7 (which is exponentially less than IE6 was coded/hacked for).

Anyway, I’ll encourage ANYONE who still uses IE to go ahead and try out IE 8 beta 1. Although, if you’re trying a new browser, I’d still recommend Firefox 3 beta 3 before IE 8 any day ;)

Here’s to hoping for an all-major-browsers compliant with standards society!

As an update, I just installed IE 8 beta 1 last night and my blog works in it. They still don’t get opacity right yet since when you hover over my images it inverses the colors in my photos widget. However, at least the page loads without the “Internet Explorer encountered an error loading this page – Aborting” and then dies. Not sure if I’m happy or sad about that…