I just had a friend tell me the other day that my blog would spit out an error when they tried to load it and die. Well I’ve had no problems on my system, or any other system I’ve been on. So I know it works in Firefox, Opera, and Safari. I also know it works on IE7 (sort of, some of the CSS / special effects aren’t quite right). But the functionality is there. This left one main culprit – you guessed it – IE6.

I booted up the dedicated VM (Virtual Machine) just for checking IE 6 and tried to load the page…. some weird error popup and death. WOOT!

I have always said that I hated Internet Explorer and now I have proven that hate subconsciously by killing any IE6 viewers with unintentional death by code. I don’t plan on fixing it any time soon. If you use IE6 and want to view my blog – upgrade to IE7, or better yet, install Firefox or Safari or even Opera.

In the meantime, if you refuse to upgrade or switch from an inferior web browser that doesn’t support international standards or even have tabs available, go ahead and get an RSS reader (web-based such as Google Reader or even desktop based options are abundant). Once you have your RSS reader just add my RSS feed.

And in a worst-case scenario you can even load my feed directly in your IE browser most likely. Just click that RSS feed link above and see if it works. Hopefully you can see my “teaser” content before you have to click more to read it all (yep, now you still have to get a real browser to read the rest of my posts – ha!)

Thanks for your time and attention to this matter of principal.

-Steven Haddox