I have to pee like every 30 minutes, and often right after I pee, I feel like I have to pee AGAIN.

I have random bladder spasms.

I have loose stools.

I get random pains in my lower abdomen.

From time to time throughout the day I’ll feel slightly nauseous.

I avoid my vicodin because it hardly makes a difference and I don’t want to get addicted.

All I want to do is sleep all day cause I feel less pain and don’t have to run to the bathroom as much.

I feel like a completely useless bum because I can’t get hardly anything done.

And I have a huge bump for a tummy (oh wait… that’s just blubber – bummer).

I experience pregnesia and can’t remember how to spell / do anything.

At least I can better sympathize with women when they get cramps every month (I’m so so sorry).

I only have another few weeks to a month of this left to go (woohoo!)