I know it was only a few days ago that I posted about how much Katie does for me and for our family on a day-to-day basis, but I just wanted to take another moment to thank her for everything she has done these past few days. I know that all the stress of me being in the hospital, not knowing what exactly was wrong, and not being able to have the convenience of being at home with Paisley and me around has made life pretty hectic. Most people would just throw in the towel or get frustrated by all the extra stress.

Katie; however, has been such an amazing wife! She’s helped me on almost all of my chores, taken care of Paisley nearly non-stop, and sacrificed all of her scarce free time just to ensure that everything runs as smooth as normal around our house. As a result of everything she’s done and all her efforts I really just wanted to take a moment and say thank you and that I love you Katie! You mean everything to me and I will always try to treat you as well as you have treated me!

Love always & forever,