We all know that Windows can be a slow operating system to run. Especially if you have kids who love to download music, files, videos, and possibly stuff you as a parent may not even want to know about. Well sometimes you find out in other ways.

One way you discover you have a problem is that Windows has become sluggish in comparison to how it used to run. it takes twice as lomg to run something than it used to and you have no idea why. Or perhaps random popups have taken over your system. These kinds of symptoms often point to one to three things: Viruses, Malware, or Spyware. All of these things are intruders on your computer looking to violate your privacy. So how do you get rid of them?

I have found over the years that ther is a multitude of programs available to help remove all the crap mentioned above and get your window to the world clear again. Here are the tools I used to use back when I still used Windows and I highly recommend any Windows user download, install, and run all three of these programs on a weekly basis:

  1. Anti-virus: AVG Anti-Virus download
  2. Ad-Ware removal: Lavasoft Ad-Aware: download
  3. Malware and Ad-Ware removal: Spybot Search & Destroy download

Go forth my friendly Window Washers and remove the bugs obstructing thine view!