So I woke up this morning at 6:45 am with a little pain in my side. I rolled over and tried to sleep it off. About 7:45 am I was hit with so much stinging in my side I couldn’t find a comfortable position. So I got up and left the bedroom so as to not disturb Katie or Paisley before we had to get ready for our regional conference. I proceeded to the living room where I began writhing in pain from my left-abdoman.

After about 10 minutes of this pain I finally yelled for Katie (no longer able to move on my own except to roll around on the floorfrom one side to another). I had seen Katie go throuh several kidney stones during her pregnancy so I had a pretty good idea what kind of pain they caused. I also think I went through a kidney stone back in June of 2006 but never realized what it was until a year after I had passed it. Well, this morning’s pain was that level times about 2.5. After Katie came out she stayed with me and helped me as best she could (barf bowl, water, helping me drink lots of fluids to flush the stone, and anything else she uld do to help). After about another 45 minutes Katie called her family and her dad came over and gave me a blessing between 9:00 – 9:20 am. The blessing said that if I had faith everything would be okay, but that I should know when to seek medical attention.

Our insurance currently only covers copays for doctors, specialists, and prescription drugs. It covers hospital and urgent care expenses at 80%/20% AFTER a $5,000 deductible. Needless to say I wanted to avoid the insurance like the plague as I don’t have $50 laying around, let alone $5,000.

I endured the pain from the kidney stone as long as I could, thinking that eventually it would all pass and get better. it was just a matter of being strong enough for a certain amount of time. Those of you who know me know that I’m a pretty big wuss when it comes to pain. I managed to drag out my pain until 11:30 by taking two scalding hot water baths to loosen the muscles in my kidney / bladder areas.

After the first bath I stood up and dried off when Katie looked at me and said, “You look really really pale.” I said i felt really light headed and proceeded to the living room to lay on the floor. After much thriving about in exceedingly great pain I decided I should try to sit up a little. It didn’t take long for the elevation of my head to make me want to pass out and the temperature change from hot to cold to make me want to vomit. I haven’t thrown up in longer than I can remember, even when I tried a few times I’ve been sick. It’s literally been at least years since i’ve vommitted. But today was not base upon my passed medical history. It ignored everything that worked and decided it was time to take matters into its own hands.

I had taken an oxycodone I had from last June when I had what I thought was another kidney stone. That didn’t even begin to touch the pain. An hour after I took the pill I was kneeling over our guest bathroom toilet hurling every ounce of water I had drank. After about 3 sessions of vomit protruding from my mouth and nose I felt like I had finally emptied my stomach. After my second bath I ended up having to vomit again and this one led to quite a few dry heaves.

After much vomittus and writhing I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and so I decided we needed to get me to the hospital. We got in the car and ended up at the hospital about 11am. I was in so much pain that the check-in lady had me sit down and saw me at triage as soon as possible. Once in triage they tagged me, took my vitals, and sat me in a wheelchair to take me to my bed. Once in bed they gave me a couple nice warm heated blankets and I was able to put one by my kidney – that is a life savior my friends. It felt just as good as the bath but had no ramifictions of vomitting! They took some blood, did some iv hookups, injected me with some anti-nasuea and shot me up with some drugs that almost completely eliminated the pain but didn’t cause hardly any judgement issues. It was like I was a little slow and tired, but not really groggy or out of it. I only had one main side effect of dizziness for about ten minutes :)

They pretty much kept me on the drugs non-stop until about 4:30pm. AFter I was all drugged up they took me to get a cat scan immediately. The results came back about 2pm and they said I had “an abnormal bladder” but they couldn’t tell what was wrong. They called a urologist who wasn’t on duty and he looked at my scans and said I probably had a few stones but something else was causing a dialated bladder (or tube going to it – something like that). He voluntarily came in on his day off to perform a scope of my bladder to see what was going on.

Around 4:30 I entered “surgery” (no cutting involved, just a catheter and camera to go up my bladder and look around). They discovered I had 4 kidney stones. 2 in my kidnees, one in the tube to my bladder, and one BLOCKING my bladder. This one that was blocking my bladder has probably been causing me to randomly have blood in my urne of varying levels for the past seven months. However it was always sporadic and there was no pain attached. Without a cat scan and they cyst on my bladder they probaby would’ve had a hard time identifying it any other way. The urologist was able to remove the stone blocking my bladder and also put a stint in from my kidney to my bladder to help drain the excess waste.

After all was said and done I was finally awakened from my anesthetic slumber around 6:00 pm where I was told I would be admitted overnight to monitor my pain and progress. It has been nearly 6 hours since my surgery and so far I have only had pain when I urinate (too be expected after a catheter and a stint). Otherwise I am pain free.

In about a week I will have to come back to attemp to have the other three stones removed and to reove the stint (as long as my bladder has healed properly) and also to try and get rid of the cystic growth that currently is hitching a ride on my precious bladder space.

So coming to you live from Mercy Gilbert Hospital, this is Steven Haddox (and his many kidney stones).