So I’m in the middle of reading about upgrading PHP4 to PHP5 for work and I happen to see something out of the corner of my eye that seems ‘new’ or ‘different’ from what I’m used to. I look over to figure out what it is (you have to understand that my desk is currently a mess times three so it’s not easy to determine what does or doesn’t belong since I have yet to re-organize it again). After staring at the left side of my desk for about 10 seconds I finally look up a little bit and see a note in beautiful cursive hand writing attached to my “To-Do” board that says:

She Loves Me

Needless to say that once I read this it made my day. Now you have to also understand, this could have been here for up to a week without me noticing. I’m sitting here wondering when I last entered in receipts (about a week ago I believe) because I have receipts on my board right now pending entry. I also wonder when I last put a new receipt into the stack as I might have noticed a note at that point in time, but I can’t remember off-hand so I guess I’ll have to ask my amazing wife when she gets up when she took the time to craft such a beautiful reminder of why I love her so much!