It’s been since before our Christmas (on Christmas Eve) that I last blogged, guess I should do an update.

We had our family Christmas on the morning of Christmas Eve (since we’d be with family Christmas day in Utah). Anyway, here are some pictures of our Christmas tree & presents:

For Christmas I gave Katie a lot of cupcake related gifts since she is Mrs. Cupcake Couture! I gave her a cupcake necklace, some cupcake lip balm, and a cupcake holder (from Crate & Barrel). I also gave her Marie Antoinette and Deal or No Deal (her favorite game show). We already had snowboard gear and iPhones as early Christmas gifts so we kept our budget for gifts under the tree pretty small. Oh, and I also gave her an envelope necklace that has an “I Love You” message scribed inside. Paisley got a lot of small things (like teethers and keys, cell phone, etc) and an activity gym by Baby Einstein.

For Christmas myself I received a lot of cool stuff. My presents were:

After we had Christmas at our house we spent the rest of the day packing, cleaning, and wrapping presents for Christmas at Grammy and Papa Whyte’s. We had a great time exchanging gifts with all of Katie’s family and had a very delicious tortilla soup and sour cream enchilada dinner.

Once we finished with our gifts & dinner at the Whyte house it was off to home to load up the snowboards on the Scion xB with our hitch adapter. By this point is was already 7:30 pm and we had a long 7.5 hour drive ahead of us. Once we got home we quickly realized we had a problem. The hitch was only a mere 2 inches above the ground at its lowest point. This just wouldn’t work. Papa Whyte knew someone in his ward with a metal working shop. A phone call later and quick 10 minute drive and we were on our way to a soon to be modified snowboard hitch with 4.75” less extension off the connection to the adapter. Here’s a picture of Katie’s dad drilling a hole through the (new) shorter base of our snowboard holder:

At about 9:30 pm we were finally on our way to Utah with a mere 4” of clearance on our small, low-riding, but very pimpin’ xB. We only scraped the hitch twice on our ride up to Flagstaff where I decided I couldn’t drive safely anymore for the night. We got a hotel and caught some sleep before heading out again around 10:30 am on Christmas day. We arrived in Utah around 3:30 pm Christmas day where we were greeted with a very excited Grandma and Grandpa Haddox as well as more gifts and some good Turkey dinner.

We enjoyed most of our time that week in Utah after figuring out a few issues with getting the internet up and running wirelessly. Mostly we just did some shopping and visiting with family. The day after Christmas my mom came back with a big surprise. She and dad had run out to get a new Christmas tree (on sale since Christmas had come and gone) and instead she came back with a new tree AND a Ford Expedition (2005 with about 40k miles if I recall correctly).

Mom was in a car accident a few weeks back and wasn’t too badly injured, but had since discovered that she wasn’t comfortable in her little Eclipse or her larger Impala. So she decided to trade them both in and got a large SUV that she feels she’ll have a hard time getting hurt in. It worked out good for us since we now have a comfortable size car to throw all the snowboard gear in and the snowboard hitch as well as all the family members on our trip to Brian Head that weekend.

I have discovered that I’m allergic to cats over the past few years. I have always been suspicious but basically I’m allergic to anything that grows (extremely) and moderately allergic to cats and cockroaches (ugh). Anyway, my parents have a cat so whenever I stay with them my allergies always go insane. I assumed I was just feeling crappy due to that. We got all geared up to go snowboarding for the first time in forever (I didn’t go at all last season) and loaded up the boards to head to Brian Head on Saturday morning. Grandma and Grandpa were going to watch Paisley and Katie and I could get a few hours on the slopes. Unfortunately, once we arrived at Brian Head, both Katie and I were starting to feel pretty crappy. We figured with a 7.5+ hour drive home the next day we should probably play it safe and not risk exposing ourself to the cold for a few hours when it would most likely only make us more sick.

Sure enough, throughout this past week, Katie and I have both been REALLY REALLY sick with a cold (fevers, congestion, headaches, the whole 9 yards). The night before we left Katie woke up for hours on end unable to sleep because of how sick she was. So even though we weren’t able to log any snowboarding experience, we did at least get a few family photos in the snow:

After all was said and done we had a pretty fun trip visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Haddox but we are definitely glad to be home. Katie and I have made a new years resolution to work on keeping our house in better order this year and have created a chore chart to help us focus on what need to be done weekly, biweekly, monthly, and quarterly. Hopefully if anyone decides to visit us from now on we can answer the door without living of fear as to what they’ll think when they see our house. I spent most of today cleaning the kitchen and Christmas wrappings, boxes, etc. that we didn’t have time to get rid of before our trip to Utah and then after that I tackled my insanely huge pile of laundry that has been clean but not yet put into my dresser. I think I’ve finally got it all except for one load that was too wrinkled to fold without washing it again first (speaking of which I need to hop off to go transfer that load to the dryer).

Happy New Years everybody!