‘Twas Two nights before Christmas and all through the house,
not a Paisley was crying, or fussing about.
A calm had settled throughout the household,
as all lay sleeping this story to be told.

The presents now wrapped, labeled, and bowed,
we all waited anxiously to hear, “Ho Ho Ho!”
Our labor not done, much packing left to do,
for you see our tiny family had to go see you-know-who.

Christmas has come a day early you see.
For we would be driving all night Christmas-Eve!
The laundry all washed, dried, and folded.
Dishes put away, and Chloe un-scolded.

But there was much left to do,
the packing still to begin.
Three Christmas’ there be,
twenty-four hours within.

But now that we’re settled
and know Santa is coming,
‘tis time to be snuggled
and rested for the running.

Let us remember the reason we hustle,
each Christmas we celebrate the soft little nuzzle
of our savior Jesus, the Christ our Lord.
And thank him again by showing the selflessness
that always lies within.

So sleep well all my friends,
and always remember:
to give thanks to Him
on the twenty-fifth day of December!