This video says it all. As I watched the list of applications come by with the theme music from one of Apple’s most well-known commercials I can’t help but wish that they would look back to their roots and open up the platform for those of us who always want to do more, just because we can.

I’ve installed Linux on my Xbox, PS3, tons of computers, and other pointless devices. I’ve installed Hackintosh (Mac OSX86) on my PCs just because I could. So of course, I am one of those who hacked my iPhone. What is my favorite application? Money. Yes, a simple program to track my receipts on the go so I don’t have to carry them in my wallet any more. Is that such a crime Apple? Is it really?

So again to all those who led the way in the iPhone hacking frontier I offer my thanks. Here’s to you, iPhone Hackers.