So how do you go from a rather large and obtuse server to a very small and simple server? Easily I say. You simply install Ubuntu 7.04 Server Edition onto your Mac mini then follow the “perfect server” tutorial over at how-to forge. Then you create a tarball of your /var/www folder on your old server and secure copy it over to your new server. You export your ISPConfig databases and then re-import them. You recreate any user accounts along the way and wa-la, you have a new web server with the exact same pre-existing data.

Mac mini: $599 (originally) HP a1600n: $750 (originally) DynDNS Account: $25 Ubuntu CD Media: $0.35 Tutorials: $0.01 (fraction of a cable internet bill) Minimizing server overhead and saving space like you’re Ikea: Priceless

Before (HP a1600n):

After (Mac mini):