Katie was surfing online today and went to look at our old profiles we didn’t use anymore on Bolt.com when she noticed the image below. Both Katie and I knew this was coming very soon, but we didn’t expect it to happen quite this quickly.

You see, Bolt was one of the first successful social networking sites. I’ve had an account since I was 16. In fact, Bolt was a social networking site before anyone really ever used the term “social networking.” It was back in January of 2006 that I first noticed Katie on Bolt and we began messaging each other. If it weren’t for Bolt we wouldn’t be the perfect couple that we are today and we wouldn’t have the future of our daughter Paisley in our lives. As a result I have a lot of sentimental attachment to Bolt. It will probably be the only social networking site that I was ever a large advocate for and that I ever really cared anything about. It will also always remain one of the greatest examples of how a social networking site should run. Everything about it was simply blissful and easy to use and completely transparent to the user. MySpace could learn a lot from Bolt.

Bolt.com Homepage Image

We will miss you Bolt. You truly were the best social networking site ever…

I hear you asking, “If it was so great, why did it get shut down?” I’ll tell you why. Because Bolt let you do the exact same thing that Pownce does. It lets you share music and videos with friends. However, Bolt let you do this in public, where Pownce requires you to be logged in to see your friends’ files. Personally I don’t see a lot of difference. I’ve actually predicted the downfall of Bolt in relation to copyright violations ever since they launched the new version of their site that Katie & I met on (which would have been around December of 2005 / January of 2006). If Pownce takes off the same way that Bolt does and people share music and videos the way they did on Bolt I will once again predict that Pownce will also be shut down in much the same manner that Bolt was.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment and publicly thank Bolt for helping me to meet my wife and providing a great example of what is possible with social networking when done right. May you rest in peace dear friend.