I’ve determined that I am not a ‘cleanly’ person. Organized – extremely, but cleanly not so much. For most people cleaning is just a way of life. For me it is a whole world war. Whether it is just keeping up on the trash or my dog’s pee pads or an entire spring cleaning event it doesn’t matter. It is like pulling teeth, only I would rather lose a tooth than clean.

I suppose a large part of my problem is that I’m entirely to easily distracted. Whether it is work, or a side website, or eating, or even taking a shower or adding more chores to my to do list… I’m always finding something to get me out of cleaning. No matter how much I get done there is always more and it always has to be repeated. Grrr!!!

So to those who say cleanliness is next to happiness, I say, “Cleanliness is the bane of my existence!”