How convenient would it be to never need to worry about where you live, where your work, or who you use as your cellular provider again? How nice would it be to be able to organize an address book of all your friends, family, work associates, and just throw the rest into a generic group of others, and then take these groups and determine rules as to who can call you at home, on your cell, or at work? How simple would it be if you change jobs, switch cell phone numbers / providers, or move across town (or across the country) but your contacts could still reach you at the exact same number? Pretty dang convenient, in fact I’d say it is of the utmost convenience. How about if I told you you could do all this for free?

Enter They provide all of the above plus a ton of other features:
Update: GrandCentral has since been purchased by Google and lives on as Google Voice.

Now add in the ability to access your voicemail online, through your mobile phone / pda, or through a normal voice mail interface you access with your universal number. And don’t forget that you can keep your voicemails forever, no more limits that are restricted by your mobile phone provider. Then add in the ability to post a button or form on your blog or website that lets anyone call you without them needing to know your real number. Then add in the ability to record your calls by simply pressing “4” or to listen to voicemail messages AS they are being left. Don’t forget that you can customize your recorded voice mail message for each group of contacts as well as filtering out unwanted numbers to a spam portion for automatic deletion or to review later. And now you can have music playback while your friends wait for you to answer the phone – no hidden fees. Upload your own MP3 files or use pre-saved options to change the ring your friends or family hear (don’t want mom to know about the provocative lyrics in you and your friends’ favorite song – don’t sweat it now!) Since all of your voicemails are stored in your account you can easily forward them to anyone you want as a simple e-mail attachment. And your voicemails are automatically sent to your inbox if you so desire. You can also post a voicemail to any website so the entire world can know about that embarrassing moment you caught when your wasted friend called you at 4 am (see if they ever wake you up again!)

Other amazing features involve the Quick Rule. Want to forward all your calls while you’re on vacation? Perhaps you want to ignore all phone calls completely by sending them straight to voicemail, just click on “Do Not Disturb” (yep, this one is for you dad!) How about switching the phone you’re on in the middle of the conversation without the person you’re talking to knowing it, yep – GrandCentral can do that. Just press “*” during the call and all of your other lines will start to ring until you answer. If dad can’t answer the kid’s questions, just press “*” and let mom pick it up at home or her office. Want to answer calls on your computer? GrandCentral integrates with Gizmo to do just that. How about accessing your voicemails via your mobile phone’s web browser? Yep, just go to

So what are you waiting for? Make the final phone number change and simplify your life. Go to GrandCentral today to sign up! Go to their features page for a tour and more details of all their features.