So tomorrow we have the guy coming to deliver and setup Paisley’s furniture (crib, dresser and mirror/changing table, and bookcase). Anyway, visitors = cleaning.

Tonight we cleaned the office, desks, floors, organized the filing cabinet, prepared debt payoff plans, Paisley’s room, tons and tons of laundry that was organized, sorted, and stacked in piles for arrangement and ironing later. Needless to say it doesn’t seem like we got much done, but ultimately we got lots and lots of infrastructure changes around the apartment setup so that we can more easily implement a cleaner and more friendly user interface in our household at a later date.

Now that I think about it, it actually seems more worth it :) I hate cleaning with a passion, but if it is the infrastructure to make the most amazing UI in the neighborhood then I suppose I can live with it. I do love infrastructure after all :P

Anyway, I’ve been up for 22:40 minutes so it’s time to hit the sack and get a mere 7 hours of sleep (after only 4 the past 3 days in a row).

Good night all,

<Super Stevie>

PS – Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of Katie surrounded by mountains of clothing – literally.