Here’s the basic summary of why I switched to Apple (pros vs. cons my friends):

Primary cons I used to claim about Apple computers: 1. Expensive 2. Mostly targeted towards designers and artists 3. Expensive 4. I thought upgrades were hard –> impossible (NOT TRUE)

Those are the main cons I could think of back in the day – which is why Apple was always WAY above Windows, but a step below Linux. Now that I’ve been opened up to Apple from Katie I have done research and concluded the following pros about Apple systems:

  1. Amazing operating system based on *nix variant – this means I can run all my Linux commands, have the same built in tools as Linux AND still program just as easily (very important to me!)
  2. Beautiful interface
  3. Really good reliable hardware
  4. Controlled hardware = no driver woes
  6. Upgrading RAM, hard drives, and other basic compenents is easy (I was wrong in the past and have already upgraded 3 out of the 4 Macs I own to 2GB of RAM)
  7. Price! The price of a Mac is comparable to PC equivalents with the same kind of hardware and quality!
  8. Apple has pushed for DRM-free music through iTunes and now 20% of iTunes music can be bought WITHOUT DRM. This alone would persuade me to support Apple from now on!
  9. It is hott with the ladies (who can resist a man with an amazing sense of style – you need it man!)

Once again, I was biased in the past and was basing my opinion off my personal experience with OS 9 versus the new OS X which is based on Linux.

So I say to all, admit it – Apples will always taste better than broken Windows glass! Eat up my friends, Apple is the new superior OS in my book (and we haven’t even seen the release of Leopard yet!)

Until next time,

<Super Stevie>